Next phase of Bauerfield International Airport upgrade to be revealed this Friday

Port Vila's Bauerfield international airport

Phase two of the planned expansion and upgrade announced on Friday: Port Vila’s Bauerfield international airport from the air

The World Bank to announce the scope and design of the new airport for Bauerfield on Friday. Through the Minister for Public Works, Jotham Napat, the government has issued tender notices concerning the Phase 2 of the international airport upgrade works. Interested companies have been invited to submit proposals. Relocation of the present terminal building is amongst the new facilities likely to be suggested. Prime Minister Salwai pointed out that with provision being made for Airbus and Boeing 787 planes the terminal will have to cope with a continuing increased number of passengers. That is also likely to mean more space needed for both planes and cars. (Radio Vanuatu)

Sea cucumbers are being harvested illegally. Two hundred kilos of the marine creature, a valuable commodity in Asian countries, were destroyed recently. Under-sized sea cucumbers or those collected by people without licences will be destroyed, the Fisheries Department says. (Radio Vanuatu)

The Vanuatu Council of Trade Unions has stated that many industrial cases are taking a long time to settle because there is no permanent arbitration process. Many workers are affected. If there is no settlement of a dispute within 21 days, the union body says, cases should automatically go to arbitration, as in most other countries. (Radio Vanuatu)

The CEO of the 2017 Joe Bomal Carlo has asked everyone in the country to participate in the preparations for the Pacific Mini Games next year. We must all work together, he emphasized. “The Games are not just for Port Vila, but for Vanuatu as a whole,” he said. (Radio Vanuatu)

Tomorrow is World Oceans Day. Wan Smol Bag is organizing a cleanup of cans, bottles and plastic waste during the morning. Healthy Ocean: Healthy Planet is the theme. Happy World Oceans Day!