Air New Zealand considers resuming charter flights to Vila

Air New Zealand Boeing 787

Photo: Masakatsu Ukon/Wikimedia Commons

Travel Asia Daily yesterday said that Air New Zealand has said it could resume operations to Vanuatu following work to repair the runway at the island’s Bauerfield International Airport. Flights earlier this year were suspended and there was vocal criticism of the airport. But, Travel Asia Daily says, the airline has said it is “satisfied” with the temporary repairs that have been made, and that it could “consider charter jet operations” to Vanuatu in future. The airline added however that it will only consider resuming regular scheduled services to Vanuatu “once a permanent solution for the runway at Bauerfield has been fully-funded, designed to a satisfactory standard and contracted to a competent contractor.”

Markets for Change was the theme of the Shefa Day mainly celebrated at Epau this year. Both Daily Post and Radio Vanuatu have covered the day in detail. The Australian Government is confident that under the Markets for Change Program, the traditional mentality towards women is gradually changing. The aim of the programme is to develop the skills necessary to form market associations such as the existing Silae Vanua Market Vendors’ Association of 3,000 women in Efate. Australia has provided over Vt 800 million to assist this human resource development in Fiji, the Solomons and Vanuatu. UNDP, Shefa Provincial Government, Port Vila Municipal Council and the National Bank of Vanuatu are partners with Australia. Training sessions are being arranged beginning 16 August.

Following the terrible road accident on Monday, the last tourist victim to be medically evacuated was flown out by medical ambulance last night. Three were flown out Monday night to Nouméa and another six went yesterday morning to Brisbane. Dr Cullwick from Vila Central Hospital said there were now only two Ni-Vanuatu remaining in hospital. Carnival Australia said everything was being done for those injured. The Minister of Public Utilities said road safety laws would be strengthened as appropriate and an investigation will follow the Monday accident. Police say they have charged a driver with dangerous driving causing death.


One Comment on “Air New Zealand considers resuming charter flights to Vila”

  1. Allan says:

    What a joke.
    What will be the excuse for stopping flights in Feb 2017? and Feb 2018?
    This has happened before and will happen again.
    Many tourism operators and their ni-Vanuatu staff suffered from irresponsible behaviour and for what? To save a few dollars in low season.
    Take a stance and fly Air Vanuatu