Vanuatu amends International Companies Act to tighten controls against money laundering


In moves to improve Vanuatu’s stance on money laundering, the International Companies Act was amended by Parliament in its brief sitting last week. Finance Minister Pikioune spoke of Vanuatu’s need to protect its sovereignty, but funds coming here must have “proper authorisation,” the Minister stressed. (Daily Post)

Malapoa College Jubilee Committee has announced an outline of the plans for celebrating the big anniversary during August 1–6. The programme will be launched with a march through Port Vila, Saralana to the College: students of 1966–1975 will wear white, those of the time of the Independence struggle 1975–1985 will wear red, 1986–1995 students wear silver or grey, and 1996–2005 blue, with later students wearing yellow or gold for the jubilee. Each decade will be arranging its own programme of events. (Daily Post)

Daily Post today details the alleged confessions of prosecution witnesses in the Eilon Mass alleged rape case. It is said they were paid to give false information. A retrial has already followed a nolle prosequi decision after the Appeal Court quashed an earlier conviction. The full details of the alleged conspiracy are given in Daily Post.

Two additional children have died due to the diarrhoea outbreak, bringing the total to three. The first death was in Santo: the latter ones in the capital. Dr Basil Leodoro has been counselling parents to quickly achieve medical attention for dehydration for their young children if the symptoms of diarrhoea and/or vomiting are observed—these deaths were sadly completely preventable.