Vanuatu youth leader receives Queen’s Young Leader Award at Buckingham Palace

Queen Elizabeth greets Mary Siro at last Thursday's ceremony at Buckingham Palace, London. Photo: BCA

Queen Elizabeth greets Mary Siro at last Thursday’s ceremony at Buckingham Palace, London. Photo: BCA

Mary Siro, a youth leader from Wan Smolbag youth centre, has been recognized by the Queen of the United Kingdom for her work in family planning education, HIV/AIDS prevention and youth sports. Siro, 27, received a Queen’s Young Leader Award from the Queen at a ceremony at Buckingham Palace in London, UK last Thursday night (Friday, Vanuatu time). Siro joins winners from 45 different Commonwealth countries and was selected from a competitive process involving thousands of young people from all over the Commonwealth. More information on the 2017 Queen’s Young Leader awards here.

Minister for Infrastructure and Public Utilities Jotham Napat has welcomed the Air New Zealand statement that Bauerfield International Airport is safe for jet operations. Government is closely looking at the request of Air New Zealand to use only charter flights, but Vanuatu wants full commercial services again with Air New Zealand as soon as possible. Air Vanuatu will be operating flight times vacated by Air New Zealand in the meantime. (Radio Vanuatu)

A dismissed deed of settlement committing Air Vanuatu to Vt 51 million in seven days once again brings a rort of several years ago to the attention of the public. A public/private agreement had been made with the company Isleno, which it seems was largely in operations for the benefit of several persons working for the national airline at different stages. Isleno arranged for the hire of Britten Norman Islander planes for Air Vanuatu. The Supreme Court has again dismissed claims of the Isleno company. (Daily Post)

VBTC has announced it will cut on-air hours of broadcast as a means of cutting electricity costs. This is a trial period for two months. Radio Vanuatu transmissions will still start at 6 in the morning but close at 9 every evening. TBV will start at 5 in the afternoon and also close at 9 in the evening. (Radio Vanuatu)

The government passed the Vt 100 million budget in the last session to pay teacher outstandings, the total for which is Vt 400 million. Retired teachers and the beneficiaries of those who have died and those who are teaching without the benefit of personal emolument. The government is hoping to address the total of the outstanding payments. (Radio Vanuatu)

An Opposition adviser, Levi Tarosa, has objected to a bulldozer being put ashore on Malo on 23 June during the election campaign for Malo/Aore. He said the matter should be regarded as bribery or treating because of the campaign period being in full swing. The Opposition is requiring an explanation from the Ministry of Public Works. (Radio Vanuatu)