UMP MP appointed as Minister for Youth and Sport; Tripartite codesharing deal between Air Vanuatu, Solomon Airlines and Air Niugini

UMP MP Norris Jack Kalmet is appointed Minister for Youth and Sport yesterday. Photo: Tomker Netvunei MP

PM Salwai looks on as UMP MP Norris Jack Kalmet is appointed Minister for Youth and Sport yesterday. Photo: Tomker Netvunei MP

Political reform was upheld by the Council of Ministers PM Charlot Salwai said yesterday in appointing UMP MP Norris Jack Kalmet Minister for Youth and Sport. UMP MPs in Parliament had advanced the candidate in question to the COM, and PM Salwai recommended their loyalty be rewarded, Radio Vanuatu News said today. Daily Post added that Norris Jack Kalmet is the first politician from Eratap to achieve success in a national election.

Other appointments yesterday included Parliamentary Secretaries. John Sala (GJP, Malekula) is responsible for government revenue in the Finance Ministry. Seoule Simeon (UMP, Epi) takes on the Youth and Sports Ministry’s position in a year which has a lot to achieve before the 2017 Mini Games. In making the appointments, the Prime Minister re-emphasized the importance of the constitutional changes before Parliament to ensure political stability.

Another appointment in which there is great public interest will be announced later today. It is that of the Commissioner of Police.

Co-operation between three major regional airlines—Air Vanuatu, Air Niugini and Solomon Airlines—has resulted in a codesharing deal linking the three MSG countries. GM of Solomon Airlines Gus Kraus says there is benefit to all three working in unison in that this provides a major boost for the Melanesian region’s tourism and business aspirations. Furthermore, he adds “this codeshare agreement can also be seen as a considerable advancement of the ideas contained within the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) mandate and will play a key role in further promoting MSG principles.” (Pacnews)

Daily Post today gives a convincing explanation as to why town roads to be reconstructed under PVUDP are still having potholes repaired. Whilst our coralline foundation is the best possible for road construction, the potholes need to be monitored before any asphalt or renewed bitumen is applied.

Seismic activity on Vanualava has increased in the last month and the alert level has been raised from zero to one. People are urged to view the crater lake from afar and keep away from the solfataras because of possible dangerous gas emissions. (Daily Post)