Improved cyclone tracking map issued ahead of next cyclone season

Vanuatu Meteorological Services's new cyclone tracking map, June 2016. Click on the image to load a larger version.

Vanuatu Meteorological Services’s new cyclone tracking map, June 2016. Click on the image to load a larger version.

A new and improved tropical cyclone tracking map has been issued by Vanuatu Meteorological Services. It shows the updated frequencies and times of broadcast of cyclone warnings. And there are sketches of the likely effects caused over land by the different categories of cyclones. Click on the image above to obtain your copy. (Daily Post)

The National Disaster Management Office this week received a set of computers which the Vanuatu Climate Change Directorate donated. The equipment is expected to assist with the Weather Forecasting Division of Vanuatu Meteorological Services in its efforts to advise the population of expected weather conditions and be of greater assistance in detailing the progress of tropical low pressure systems. (Radio Vanuatu)

Kacific, a satellite broadbander internet provider, has established a high speed internet broadband connection for Lambubu, Malekula. It is based at Lambubu Primary School and will provide the school with  a 17Mb/second connection from a Ku-band satellite. Matevulu College at Luganville, and some other schools and health care centres will also benefit. The Lambubu centre installation exists as a result of work carried out by the government, Telsat and PBS. TRR’s Dalsie Baniala says the computer lab at Lambubu School will become a government service centre for other communities. (Radio Vanuatu)

Main news in the weekend papers concentrates on crime. Daily Post carries the story of an “organised crime boss linked to murder and drug smuggling” owning a company in Vanuatu. There are likely to be many, many more like him owing to our tax haven status. However, it may be easier for Daily Post to get a link to Paul Calder Le Roux owing to his attempts to export kauri logs from Vanuatu. The story has emerged from the Minneapolis Star Tribune and The Australian.

The diarrhoea epidemic has now claimed nine lives. There have been three deaths at Norsup, three at Santo NDH and three at Lolowai. (Daily Post)

The closed 98th Forum Fisheries Ministers’ Meeting at which PM Charlot Salwai will give an opening address begins on Monday. A press conference will be held on Wednesday after the ministers’ retreat on Iririki.