Vanuatu Government reinstates controversial Capital Investment Immigration Plan

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The Salwai Government has removed the suspension of the Capital Investment Immigration Plan (CIIP) program, Radio Vanuatu News reports. The CIIP was terminated by the outgoing government of Sato Kilman. PM Salwai said that the suspension was lifted so that government could continue the dialogue with the parties to the CIIP scheme. The suspension led the Hong Kong agents for the CIIP program to sue the Vanuatu Government, claiming that Government had breached the agreement. The agreement was re-formed. If it had not been, the applicants in the first instance would only have paid the agents, not the Government of Vanuatu, said PM Salwai. Forty applicants were said to be affected.

Livestock professionals have advised cattle farmers in Malampa and Tafea provinces to have their grazing properties ready before the Livestock Department offloads their breeding stock. The schedule for the deliveries of cattle has now been released and starts with Ambrym this month, Malekula in August, and October has deliveries to Tanna and Aneityum. Senior Livestock Officer Steveson Boe said that the timing gives farmers who have already paid to start their herds the time they need to put up fences and ensure good pasturage and ready water supply. (Radio Vanuatu News at noon today.)

Daily Post leads today with the Vanuatu officer in charge of compliance, William Naviti, telling journalists on a fisheries workshop that New Zealand wants to recruit fishermen to work for its fishing vessels in the same way as that country employs RSE workers for farms. Until now seafaring skills and knowledge have not been appropriately sought Naviti stated. Regulations are being put in place with help from the Labour Department.

The same journalists were told by the CEO of the Sino-Van Fish Processing Plant that fish processing will not cause contamination in the Blacksands area. Wastewater is treated before running into two ponds, 800 and 600 metres from the sea. Thereafter the wastewater is subjected to filtration processes. Manager Shenli said the arguments so far put forward concerning environmental pollution are baseless. Most of the processing takes place whilst vessels are at sea. Only 5–10% of the catch is treated at Blacksands.

Huarere has opened its new nakamal at Tagabe after regrouping with Ben Siro and Edgar Hinge. The nakamal is built from completely local materials and will also be a Raga cultural and kastom centre. Tourist visitors are being encouraged. And the Huarere band is back in business again.