Would you like to swap lives with someone from the UK for two weeks, all expenses paid?


A BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) reality TV program is looking for people from Vanuatu to take part in a new documentary series called Life Swap Adventure. In particular, they are seeking people over 18 years old, and especially those from small, isolated island communities. A producer from the show describes what they are looking for:

For the show we will be swapping lives of people here in the UK with people from around the world for 2 weeks, the idea is to show how everyday people live in different countries and the people from those countries get to experience life here in the UK.

One of the lives we are keen to temporarily swap is that of a local from a tropical island. After some research we have found Vanuatu to be one possible location for our show and so are now trying to contact locals living in Vanuatu that would be interested in taking part in the show. The person who does take part from the Vanuatu would get to come to the UK and experience life here for two weeks, we would of course cover the costs of the flights, food and accommodation etc of the person coming to the UK.

To apply, email lifeswapadventure@bbc.co.uk before Sunday, 31st July 2016 or visit their website to request an application form.