Australia funds aerial fisheries surveillance and new longer-range patrol vessel

Illegal fishing costs Pacific countries dearly – the estimate for just species alone, tuna , is Vt66.7 billion per year. Photo: NOAA

Illegal fishing costs Pacific countries dearly – the annual estimated loss for just one species, tuna, is Vt66.7 billion per year, according to the Forum Fisheries Agency. Photo: NOAA

Radio New Zealand International says the Forum Fisheries Agency welcomes Australian funding of aerial surveillance in FFA member states. FFA Director-General James Movick says the service will be available 365 days a year, Australia providing the appropriate aircraft for carrying the sensitive electronic equipment needed. The scheme starts in July next year and will cost $A11 million a year. It will run for 30 years.

As reported here yesterday, Vanuatu is to have a new patrol vessel to be deployed against illegal fishing in Vanuatu waters. RVS Tukoro currently polices Vanuatu’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ). It is another Australian gift useful in the protection of Vanuatu’s maritime wealth.

The first meeting of the Constitutional Reform Committee is today. The CRC comprises 27 members – 19 MPs from all major political persuasions and 8 from womens’, youth and disability bodies, the VCC, VCCI, Vango and the Malvatumauri. The complexity of the constitutional issues to be addressed, says Daily Post today.

The MSG Secretariat in Port Vila will undergo major restructuring with the new MSG DG Amena Yauvoli. The aim is to address the sub-regional groups in considering how to improve the financing of the body which should become more efficient. There will be a review of staff policy. The Secretariat promises to follow the views of the membership more closely, says Radio Vanuatu.

Grass House Park in Freswota 1 in the capital is now declared a community space following the decision of the Council of Ministers. Lands Minister Ralph Regenvanu, Mayor Sumptoh, and Freswota 1 Community Chief Jacky Massing signed an agreement on Saturday to bring the new public space into law. Minister Regenvanu was also able to announce new projects for Freswota 1 including a direct road from Dhash Studio to Beverley Hills to shorten the long journeys to the latter suburb via USP or Freswota 5. (Daily Post)

And today Daily Post reports Vanuatu’s Rodney Philemon is joining an elite of 42 scientists, engineers, and technology professionals in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, USA in a Master Education Programme. The campus is called Technovation Challenge. He is confident that Computer Science – his field – can change Vanuatu in problem solving.