Vanuatu tops Asia-Pacific region, ranks 4th globally in 2016 Happy Planet Index

Happy Planet Index 2016 Vanuatu data

Vanuatu is now back in the Happiest Country Index after topping the list in 2006 when it began. We come back in at fourth position, behind Costa Rica, Mexico and Colombia, a whole lot better than being right out of the list as we were for ten years. The information the HPI is based on was collected by National Statistics Office (VNSO) personnel in partnership with the Vanuatu Cultural Centre and Malvatumauri following various pilot studies. The HPI is significant in that it is one of the only global indices that does not consider GDP or income as a factor of well-being. Jamie Tanguay of VNSO explained the ranking considers measures of life expectancy, subjective well-being, inequality of incomes and ecological footprint in order to show how efficiently residents of different countries are using environmental resources to lead long, happy lives. The Happy Planet Index is produced by UK-based New Economics Foundation (slogan: “Economics as if people and the planet mattered”), and can be viewed online at

Daily Post today leads with the soaring of the price for green kava. It is continually going up, in the capital, especially at times of inter-island shipping schedule delays. Long-time Port Vila kava bar owner John Tarilama is planning to hold a meeting of kava bar owners to discuss increasing the bar price – doubling the price of a shell of green kava at bars, from Vt50 to Vt100 and from Vt100 to Vt200. The production of kava, especially in the islands in which it is most treasured, has been greatly affected by Cyclone Pam and the El Niño event that followed.

Tomorrow, in advance of Independence Day, we have the annual Round Island Relay around Efate.

This is to be followed by National Children’s Day on Sunday, for which the public holiday is Monday.