Children’s Day 2016: Govt calls on parents to ensure children enrolled in school at age six

Children's Day Vanuatu © 2016 Vanuatu Daily Digest

Today is Children’s Day, and this year Government is calling on parents to make sure their children are enrolled in class one as soon as they turn six years old. Hundreds of school children have marched from Fatumauru Bay to the Saralana Park to hear addresses from leaders. Education Minister Jean-Pierre Nirua was guest of honour of the students. The Minister, assisted by Ministers Ronald Warsal and Ralph Regenvanu spoke to the youngsters at Saralana, Minister Niriua launching the official proceedings.

NISCOL is again in the news, politicians planning to replace the current management and Board of the stevedoring company of the northern islands. It is said the politicians have pushed Santo chiefs to call for the appointment of an interim board, to remove the CEO and accountant after an audit as a probe into the workings of the company. However, the minister responsible, Alfred Maoh, says he respects the concern of the chiefs, but feels the present CEO and Accountant were recruited through proper procedures. (Daily Post)

The offloading of 260 head of cattle at Ranvetlam on North Ambrym, is heralded as a “best ever” initiative for Ambrym. Approximately 80 are to go to Port Vato and 80 to Baiap in the west. Minister Matai Seremiah was present for the unloading of the herds and saw the event as “unique, unlike Government policy, because it is something that you can see, touch and feel.” The supplies of breeding stock are being welcomed by farmers who qualify to enter the scheme. (Daily Post)