Cyclone Pam recovery effort celebrated at Independence Day exhibition

A woman cleans up in Port Vila after Cyclone Pam. Photo: UNFPA

A woman cleans up in Port Vila after Cyclone Pam. Photo: UNFPA

An exhibition about Cyclone Pam is taking place at the National Convention Centre over the Independence weekend. It was opened by MP Albert Williams, the former head of the Environment Department, who paid tribute to the friends of Vanuatu who gave generously after the disaster and to the NDMO for organizing the relief effort, documented in the exhibition. Eleven people died in the frightening meteorological event. The exhibition is open throughout the day. There will be live entertainment and discussion panels. (Radio Vanuatu)

Rodney Banga is the first PhD in Business Administration in Vanuatu after studies with Revans University. He was granted the degree in the United Kingdom following the presentation of his thesis on small business in Vanuatu. The well-respected professional trainer and Public Service Commission personality has had a great deal of experience in small business and sees a need for young people to be involved in studying the opportunities they give for development. [Ed: Revans University is not recognised as a degree-awarding body or course provider by other universities.] (Radio Vanuatu)

Pilots of Air Vanuatu have been required by the airline to seek their Airline Transport Pilot Licences, many only holding the Commercial Pilot’s Licence. Air Vanuatu Board has given a three-month extension to those Ni-Vanuatu pilots who have not yet completed their APTL studies and has agreed with Government not to terminate those pilots who are still only covered by the CPL. The national airline helps with travel overseas for examining the intending APTL candidates. (Daily Post)

Bred Bank has given a timely and generous gift of Vt300,000 toward the upgrading of Malapoa College. The Bank believes it is timely to ensure a “fresh” facelift for the Golden Jubilee celebrations starting August 1. The school certainly needs such assistance as anyone who has passed the longtime derelict premises would agree. And Bred is well aware of an institution which has done much to produce the cream of past, present and future leaders. There are events from Monday throughout the week. (Daily Post)

Montmartre School has recently been celebrating the opening of the new girls’ dormitory with kastom from the various islands sending students to the school. The school suffered greatly in Cyclone Pam, as did Malapoa College, and was for a long time the leading francophone secondary school. (Vanuatu Indigenous Watch)