Further woes at Port Vila’s international airport as flights cancelled due to runway conditions… again


What is described as minor yet urgent remediation work was needed yesterday on Bauerfield International Airport runway. After the work carried out this year as Phase 1 of the major overhaul now planned, the delays to Air Vanuatu and Virgin at the weekend are greatly regretted. A patching to the runway was needed but carried out in good time. (Daily Post)

The Vanuatu Christian Council has expressed its gratitude at the generosity of Prime Minister Salwai’s Government in agreeing to an annual Vt 10 million grant to the VCC in recognition of the spiritual role of the churches. An agreement has been signed by the VCC’s new Chairman, Pastor Alan Nafuki and PM Charlot Salwai. VCC Deputy Chairman Bishop John Boscoe said the present government is a Christian government in line with the country’s motto. (Daily Post)

A Daily Post investigation reveals a plan to smuggle half a million dollars worth of cocaine into the country from Colombia in 2012. The shipment was seized in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Daily Post says the Vanuatu authorities were not advised or involved in the matter.

From the 36th anniversary of Independence we are heading towards a doubly significant anniversary this weekend. August sixth is the 50th anniversary of both the Malapoa College and of Radio Vila, the national broadcasting service of the two administrations, which became VBTC after Independence.


2 Comments on “Further woes at Port Vila’s international airport as flights cancelled due to runway conditions… again”

  1. Nasimal ( Nasingamelip ) says:

    Re Port Vila International Airport, no one seems to understand that it is time Pekoa International needs to upgrade immediately, so all International flights use Pekoa so Port Vila international can get a full face lift. You cannot continue repairs every so often. Drainage has been main problem which weaken the runway. The longer you delay our country loses business. Thank you and I pray our AHAYAH bless and guide you to see the problem and put it right.


  2. Lionel Tom says:

    I appreciate what the government agreed to give such a large amount of money to the VCC, I would like to suggest that if the government could consider for its future plan to half that big sum of money and make it to be as scholarship for theological students- I think it will be part of government in developing human resource for its country in the area of religion. Some country as Solomon Islands… has scholarship for theological students, why not Vanuatu government offers scholarship for its theological students?