Civil servants’ outstanding severance claims go back more than ten years

Vanuatu money

The outstanding claims of civil servants for their severance go back for more than ten years, the Prime Minister said last Friday when handing out the first cheques to families of the deceased and long-retired Government workers. PM Salwai acknowledged that all governments during the period have broken the law. Despite budgetary claims for severance being lodged by each department at budget time, these funds have not been able to be used by the intended beneficiaries. As part of the 100-Day Plan, the Salwai Government is committed to ending this treatment of its workers. The Public Service Commission is setting up a transitional period to enable first payments to the disabled and the longest retired persons. Vanuatu Indigenous Watch reveals a total outstanding of Vt 2.4 billion for claims which are presently being processed and the September budget sitting will approve a further similar sum. (VIW)

Lawyer Erick Molbaleh has assisted counsel for the defence in the matter of the conspiracy case concerning the pardons issued by the acting Head of State during last year. Molbaleh was directly involved in drafting the letters requested by the convicted persons in the bribery case. He worked together with Public Works Minister Tony Nari. As a standard letter for the pardon, the request was based on similar correspondence to former PM Barak Sope’s pardon. The case continues. (Daily Post)

PM Salwai opened a regional conference on the Pacific’s Disaster Responses yesterday. He referred to Vanuatu’s recent disasters such as Cyclone Pam and El Niño as qualifying this country to host such an event. Despite some 80 visitors (including US military representatives) and invited participants for the opening Vanuatu Indigenous Watch reported a “poor turnout” at Warwick Le Lagon. (VIW)

It is expected the works required at Port Vila’s Bauerfield international airport will take four more days to complete and Daily Post says it is likely that Virgin Australia will cancel all but emergency flights for stranded passengers during that time.