Vanuatu’s premier tourist promotion event, Toktok Vanuatu, launches for 2016

Photo: Sera J. Wright for Vanuatu Tourism

The 2016 Toktok Vanuatu was launched this morning by the Deputy Prime Minister Joe Natuman at the Iririki Island Resort. The main events will take place between 23 and 26 August under the theme “Discover Vanuatu, make new friends, share laughter.” Organizers hope the publicity generated by this year’s Toktok will boost tourism at a time when it is greatly needed and much of the restoration work following Cyclone Pam has been completed. (Radio Vanuatu)

An independent inspector is here from Australia to examine the repair works Air Vanuatu has carried out at Bauerfield International Airport following the recent discovery of minor damage to the runway. (Daily Post)

Area Councils are again achieving the importance assigned to them back in pre-Independence times. A report will be delivered to the Malvatumauri on 16 August in line with implementation of pilot sites for rural development for Ambae, Malo and Tanna as well as Efate. The aim is to highlight four project sites for rural development in each of the islands listed and will need custom boundaries delineated and nakamals identified for each of the areas. Custom governance should be returned to its rightful pre-eminence with the success or management effectiveness of the scheme. Chiefs are to work closely with Area Council secretaries of the provinces to ensure projects are carried out. (Daily Post)

The Efate Land Management Area (ELMA) committee is another Area Council achievement with the full backing of the Vaturisu Council of Chiefs. Protection and conservation of the central areas of Efate are its main concern, some 21,000 hectares. This vast area will be better managed with ELMA, following a three day workshop with chiefs of Efate and offshore islands. Chief Jimmy Meameadola told Daily Post that land disputes had created problems which should be overcome with representation on the committee from around Efate. An Australian volunteer is also assisting ELMA.


2 Comments on “Vanuatu’s premier tourist promotion event, Toktok Vanuatu, launches for 2016”

  1. Ian Smith says:

    Then repair Bauerfield properly for a start !
    It’s not rocket science is it ?
    No flights equals no tourists

    Does my head in !!!


  2. Pete says:

    I provide a 3 year warranty on ALL my work and cannot understand why Fulton Hogan have not flown in to fix it. I am happy to do the work on their behalf if they train me. Its their job and I am sure they stand by their work. Last thing we need is another consultant and their opinion. Checks were made at tender stage and I am sure prior to final payment.