New national framework to strengthen Vanuatu’s response to climate change

Cyclone Pam wind chart

The Ministry of Climate Change has been assisted by SPREP (the Secretariat of the Pacific Environment Program) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) in setting up a national framework for climate services. Existing climate-related policies and plans from today will come under the new framework, including the Vanuatu National Adaptation Plan for Action, the Vanuatu Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction Policy (2016–2030), the National Sustainable Development Goals and the Pacific Islands Meteorological Strategy. And the whole is guided by the global framework for climate services. First PA to the Ministry, Clifford Bice, said “the project proposal will focus on how sectors such as infrastructure, tourism, agriculture, fisheries and water can benefit from science based information in developing policies”. (Daily Post)

The Virgin air ban is only temporary, says Airports Vanuatu’s Jason Rakau, who hopes to see the airline resuming flights within a week. Rakau was at pains to point out that the gap in the runway surface is not where the emergency repairs have recently taken place. (Daily Post)

Yesterday at the end of the third day of the conspiracy trial, Justice David Chetwynd said that there is enough evidence before the court for the case to continue. This followed claims by the convicted in the bribery matter that the laws concerned could be differently interpreted. The case continues today.


One Comment on “New national framework to strengthen Vanuatu’s response to climate change”

  1. Sue Farran says:

    Hopefully the response to climate change will also take into account traditional knowledge and practices which have facilitated adaptation over the centuries. A science-based approach as reported in the Digest suggests a very much global north to global south approach and may well fail to recognise or draw on local resilience practices not only in Vanuatu but across the Pacific islands.