VBTC launches first digital television channel; new island forms off Malekula


All media have headlined the 50th anniversary of Radio Vila on Saturday with the launch of a new national digital TV channel and the new VBTC website. That said, the 50 channels promised do not appear to be readily available as yet. And it is good that the Prime Minister stressed the need for VBTC to address the whole nation in what it does as he performed the launch, remote outposts often being overlooked by earlier governments trying to save electricity costs. The Saturday all-day anniversary party was enjoyed by all – especially those who have spent or are still spending decades with the national public broadcaster, many meeting again after years and most everybody wishing well the only public station we have.

A judicial review is being sought by the former Chairman of the Police Service Commission, Api Jack Marikembo, whose contract for four years of service was terminated recently after only two months at post. An allegation of a previous criminal record was said not to be a proper ground for his removal. The matter is receiving attention by the judiciary and a conference has been called for next Friday (Daily Post).

The Port Vila Cruise Tourism Committee which has conducted the 60-day pilot Traffic Management Plan for the main wharf has praised the plan and the stakeholders for their co-operation. The trial ended last Friday after a very busy week for the wharf businesses. The Chairman of the committee and the Director of Tourism George Borugu both praised participants for making tourism everybody’s business. (Daily Post)

Picnickers pose for a photo on the new island formed by seismic uplift. Photo: Tokbaut Malekula Facebook group

Picnickers pose for a photo on the new island, apparently formed by seismic uplift. Photo: Tokbaut Malekula Facebook group

And Daily Post has a possible new tourism venue for visitors to the Maskelynes — a new island which emerged in May after earthquakes. A photo from the Tokbaut Malekula Facebook page shows Malekula people playing on the vast sandbar which constitutes the island. The Geohazards Department is investigating. The Maskelynes people have been very happily employed in a variety of tourism ventures and maybe they are being rewarded with a new Mystery Island. Watch out Aneityum.