Government interference with Public Service hinted at in wrongful dismissal cases

Port Vila's roads – soon to get an upgrade. Photo: PhillipC/Flickr

Port Vila’s roads – soon to get an upgrade. Photo: PhillipC/Flickr

‘Former DG to amend claim’ is the headline of Daily Post‘s front page story today. It concerns the appointment of Cherol Ala as Director General of Internal Affairs and the subsequent revocation of her contract. The case came before the courts as a matter of urgency on July 20 to have the benefit of an Appeals Court judgement dated July 2 concerning the former Finance DG, Letlet August. The suggestion is that the Public Service Act has not been complied with in the Ala case, further suggesting political interference, especially as the action is brought against both the government and the Republic. Cherol Ala is allowed to amend her claim by August 26 when the matter will again be before Judge Chetwynd.

Tne resealing of Port Vila’s roads will begin next month. In September, some 13 km of roads in Port Vila will be sealed with a double coating of rubberised bitumen, or hot seal seal of tar. The sealing will improve the life-span of the roads in question. The tar is heated to 190 degrees and sprayed on the road surfaces being improved (Daily Post).

The contribution of the Ifira Sikotau Tourism Mama’s Association to the Shefa Province is amongst the highest receipts of that local government authority. Vt1,500,000 is received as provincial income from the wharf road stallholders when business licences are issued at the beginning of the year. Shefa SG Michel Kalworai has today expressed his gratitude to the women concerned. (Daily Post)

We also learn today that the prematurely terminated 2016 academic year in PNG will allow those Ni-Vanuatu students repatriated from PNG to return to their studies at the start of 2017. (Daily Post)