12 found guilty in Pipite premature pardons conspiracy case

Marcellino Pipite. Photo: TIV

Marcellino Pipite, convicted of conspiracy yesterday, along with Tony Nari, Jean-Yves Chabod, Jonas James, John Amos, Arnold Prasad, Paul Telukluk, Silas Yatan, Tony Wright, Thomas Laken, Pascal Iauko and lawyer Wilson Iauma. Photo: TIV

The eleven politicians and one lawyer in the Pipite premature pardons case have all been found guilty with no evidence that anyone refused such a pardon. Judge Chetwynd handed down his judgement late yesterday. The guilty politicians are Marcellino Pipite, Tony Nari, Jean-Yves Chabod, Jonas James, John Amos, Arnold Prasad, Paul Telukluk, Silas Yatan, Tony Wright, Thomas Laken and Pascal Iauko. The lawyer is Wilson Iauma. Most of the evidence turned around which politician was present at what meeting, MIPU or Mangoes. However, Judge Chetwynd was quite clear that it did not require all of those guilty of the conspiracy to be present at any one meeting at the same time. (Daily Post)

Further on conspiracy… lawyers attending the MIPU, Mangoes and Parliament building meetings, other than Wilson Iauma (the lawyer declared guilty), may have to answer questions at the Bar in the conspiracy case. These others subsequently became Prosecutions witnesses. Justice Chetwynd giving the convictions yesterday said that Vanuatu’s legal professional will deal with these other lawyers. (Vanuatu Indigenous Watch)

PM Charlot Salwai has just told Radio Vanuatu News that he would like to see Vanuatu establishing a High Commission in New Zealand to cement the excellent relations between the two countries. Vanuatu has many RSE workers in New Zealand. National radio also announced through Agriculture Minister Seremiah Matai that New Zealand is helping re-establish potato production in Tafea, and coffee growing in Sanma. (Radio Vanuatu)

The Ministry of Lands has lodged with the Police a five-page unsigned document calling for a stop to Vate land sales. It is written in three different colours of marker pen. It seeks information on how monies were used to pay for Efate lands going back to 1980. The letter also contained a death threat. (Daily Post)

Vt 52 million worth of remediation works are still needed for Bauerfield International Airport ‘s runways. A further discovery of a huge hole in the runway led to this requirement. A new project manager will be appointed. Ministers of Public Utilities and Finance yesterday revealed the shocking information. The World Bank will assist in finding the funding along with Airports Vanuatu Limited and Air Vanuatu. Minister Napat saw the sudden repair work necessity as detrimental to the present Government’s tourism development initiatives. Fulton Hogan company will carry out the urgent repairs.


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  1. Nasimal ( Nasingamelip ) says:

    Justice has done for the good of Vanuatu as Nation and its good people . AHAYAH bless and guide you all .