Govt considers income tax above Vt500,000; Noble kava varieties boosted by national campaign

Kava plant

The Prime Minister confirmed that an income tax is being seriously considered by the Government. He told those at the Santo Lycée celebrations. It would apply to those persons earning more than Vt 500,000 per year. While not many details are yet known, PM Salwai pointed out how necessary this increase in revenue will be for the state in matters like providing a free education for children up to Year 10. (Daily Post)

Vanuatu’s noble kava varieties are about to receive a huge boost from US-based kava expert Mike Munsell. Munsell is presently visiting Vanuatu as he has regularly done and was delighted to see the posters promoting the noble cultivars which the Agriculture Department is using in the national campaign to protect kava drinkers from “two-day” varieties. Munsell hopes to have these posters soon in the 75 kava bars east to west in the United States. He runs web sites Kava Forum and (Daily Post)

A South Pacific Air Ambulance Service is being launched tonight by Promedical with assistance from the local Air Leasing company. The new flying doctor service has had equipment constructed to assist in the loading of seriously injured patients. (Daily Post)

The unusual violence towards two tourists as Tok Tok Vanuatu proceeds has greatly disturbed Tourism Minister Joe Natuman. He is offering a reward for information which will lead to the capture of the assailants in the Lololima incident. Swiss diplomats are providing protection for the Swiss victim of an attack in North Santo. A suspect has been taken into custody for that offence. (Daily Post)

Rotary International is assisting in the renovations of Godden Memorial Hospital at Lolowai. Health Minister Toara Daniel oversaw the works already carried out recently in the company of Rod Kestle, a project manager from Auckland. Roofing and provision of a huge septic tank are already achieved in a ten-phase project that will see a lot of refurbishment of wards and their facilities. Kestle has been looking after Godden’s special needs since asked to do so after an earlier cyclone by Bishop Hugh Blessing Boe in 2003.

The Australia Awards Alumni Network (AAAN) has been praised by Australian High Commissioner Jeremy Bruer. It exists to enable Australian-educated ni-Vanuatu to build their professional networks and to keep abreast of developments in their fields. Australia has been a leader in the provision of education facilities since Independence. (Daily Post)


One Comment on “Govt considers income tax above Vt500,000; Noble kava varieties boosted by national campaign”

  1. Nasimal ( Nasingamelip ) says:

    Reference Tax threshold of 500,000vt it would work only if you employ and tax is easily collected. The previous government who introduce free schooling until age 10 never really thought about funding if the aid funding is dried up. Now fathers and mothers have to work harder to place their young children in school which was going back to the beginning , what I called creating false hope to the families. I know some church schools still trying to fund their own primaries. I know education is very important and it is also a privilege. Two subjects that our Government should address as priorities : 1. Port Vila International Airport and Pekoa International so that both Airports compliment each other for the good of Vanuatu. 2. Health of a Nation. Each Province should create Health Savings Account for its populations .Everyone in these provinces should have a Savings book or a family’s account .i.e family of four pays to family account = 400vt per month for their health if they don’t use provincial Hospital their savings grows. Example Province of 25,000 population collected 2,500,000vt per month, roughly 30,000,000vt a year. Remember everyone needs medical.

    Thank you and I pray our AHAYAH bless and guide you all.