Hearings into Vanuatu National Provident Fund investments to be open to the public

VNPF Building , Port Vila. Photo: Jean Van Jean

VNPF Building , Port Vila. Photo: Jean Van Jean

The VNPF Investment Inquiry is to conduct its hearings publicly, Justice Minister Warsal has declared. Technicians and accredited journalists will be permitted to attend hearings in the VNPF Conference Room. The government system, the internet, and social media will be used to make the information collected more public. The Commission also has a new chairperson, Olivier Fernandez, and the roles of some of the Commission members have changed since the first announcement of the investigations. (Daily Post)

Prime Minister Charlot Salwai has been unanimously elected first President of the Reunification Movement for Change at the Party’s Melsisi Congress. The vote confirms the public recognition of all that Charlot Salwai has done to reform politics in Vanuatu. Marilyn Kalangis is Vice President, MP Rick Jemako is Treasurer. (Daily Post)

The film Tanna has been nominated for recognition in the 2017 Oscars. Screen Australia has nominated Tanna as Australia’s entry for the best foreign language category in 2017. It won an award for best cinematography at the prestigious Venice International Film Festival and an award for best direction at the Australian Directors’ Guild Awards. All dialogue in the film is spoken in the Nauvhal language of Tanna. (Daily Post)

The Australian Government has funded a contract which will repair and refurbish some 44 health facilities. Five provinces are affected. The Vanuatu Government through the Ministry of Health has signed a contract for the supply of all building materials with a local businessman. (Radio Vanuatu)

A new building is expected to replace Dumbea Hall at the Seaside Tropical Market roundabout. The Mayor of Dumbea has said the new building will cost Vt 120 million. Agreement was reached last week under the “sister city” provisions between Port Vila and Dumbea, New Caledonia. (Radio Vanuatu)


One Comment on “Hearings into Vanuatu National Provident Fund investments to be open to the public”

  1. nasimal ( Nasingameliip ) says:

    Our government is talking about investments on tourism and all that, but forgot to invest on the people of Jaramaja village in South Santo. They need 6-8 horses to help them to transport their produce onto the main road and onto the market in Luganville. It would be nice if they could also have some help to breed their own horses in future. It is a win win case for the government and the Jaramaja village. Thank you and I pray our AHAYAH bless and guide you.