Vanuatu’s women again denied justice as culture of male violence goes unpunished

Photo by Mich-McConell-Wilson

The weekend press was full of stories of violence. The Independent: Killer gets seven years in jail. Daily Post: Lengkon Assault: three drivers acquitted. Saturday’s Daily Post also had a Man charged over alleged attack on expat chef. Today’s Daily Post: Alleged Assault – an expat pilot claims he was assaulted by drunken police officers.

Today’s Daily Post has Chairperson of the Women Against Crime and Corruption Jenny Ligo saying the acquittal of the bus and taxi drivers confirms Vanuatu has many dishonest individuals. However, there was a lack of sufficient evidence to strengthen any case against the drivers. Ligo claims “women will continue to be denied their right to justice.”

At the weekend, Pacnews told us of the Supreme Court preventing the replacement of Api Jack Marikembo as Chairman of the Police Service Commission until a judicial review has been determined by the court. The Supreme Court Justice Judge Geoghegan said he is only able to allocate a hearing on October 19 at Dumbea Hall. The application by Marikembo was filed on July 12. These actions, and the appointment of Willie Vira as an acting chairman, have meant that the process of the substantive appointment is considerably delayed.

The weekend Independent was also concerned with the Air Vanuatu board of management. “Sources within the airline” had reported board members wanting a salary rather than sitting allowance. Confirmation had not been available at the time of going to press.

The Vanua’aku Pati Congress is taking place at Hog Harbour, but without it being an election year for new office bearers. Radio Vanuatu has kept listeners informed and explained that the country’s biggest political party is trying to build on undoubted past achievements with a new look towards the future. (Radio Vanuatu)