Vanua’aku Party Congress reflects on historical connection to Santo’s Hog Harbour

Hog Harbour, Espiritu Santo

Hog Harbour, Espiritu Santo

Vanua’aku Pati President Joe Natuman spoke of the difficulties Santo’s Hog Harbour endured at the time of Independence: the land grabs by foreigners, creation of subdivisions, the violence surrounding the Santo Rebellion and political division. It is therefore appropriate, he told Godwin Ligo, for the Congress of the party to be “regrouping support and consolidating the VP and moving into the future.” Over 300 delegates are attending. “It was right here in Hog Harbour,” said Natapei, that “the VP leaders, chiefs, church leaders, men, women and children had to flee when troubles began here on Santo, because the village was a strong VP supporter. Its people stood up for Independence.” The 39th VP Congress is in its last day today. (Daily Post)

The Government supports works foreseen as necessary for all three international airports, Bauerfield, Pekoa at Santo, and Whitegrass on Tanna. Upgrading of these airports is said to be a high priority. PM Charlot Salwai has recently said that all Ministries and services of government must drive these investments forward for financial benefit. Work on Bauerfield and the runways of Santo and Tanna will take place next month, with terminal improvements next year. (Radio Vanuatu)

The Prime Minister left this morning for the 47th Pacific Islands Forum meeting in Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia. Ministers for Foreign Affairs and Agriculture and senior Government officials are part of the delegation. Thursday and Saturday are the important days for the meeting and retreat. There will be meetings with PM Salwai’s colleagues of the smaller island states and those belonging to the ACP group of states. (Radio Vanuatu)

Police have arrested a New Zealander on Epi in relation to marijuana plantations. The person in question is a tourist who was staying at Lamenu Bay. It is said growth material for drug planting had been solicited from seasonal workers returning from New Zealand. Another local suspect has been arrested in relation to the same offences. (Radio Vanuatu)

Former Police Commissioner Edmanley’s court case to obtain a judicial review of his termination has been dismissed by the Supreme Court. Basically the claimant had not produced sufficient evidence to show that the Police Service Commission had failed to follow the law.

Bus fares remain unchanged despite bus owners and drivers insisting they need to be raised. This story is not yet over.