Cabinet meets to discuss position on PACER Plus

Port Vila stallholder Elsie wants her rights protected from PACER Plus. Photo: PANG

Port Vila stallholder Elsie wants her rights protected from PACER Plus. Photo: PANG

PACER Plus has now been discussed at Cabinet level. Trade Minister Bruno Leingkone advised media of the development this week. PACER Plus is the scheme of the two large neighbours, Australia and New Zealand, to create jobs, raise standards of living and encourage sustainable development among its island country partners in the plan. It has been under discussion for eight years, but with constant changes of government, the various cabinets have not yet established Vanuatu’s stance on the agreement. The next level of discussion will take place involving Government and Opposition, during the time of the next Parliamentary sitting, and then there will be consultation at provincial level and with NGOs, Radio Vanuatu reported this morning. Time is now running out for Vanuatu as the last meeting involving all likely member countries has just taken place in New Zealand. It should be noted PNG has decided not to join.

It was reported today that more than 200 people have lost their housing at Port Havannah following a police action. Some 607 hectares of land have had to be vacated by court order as they have been leased by an investor. The land is near Tanoliu. All housing had to be taken down and fruit trees and garden produce removed for the building of permanent houses. Families concerned spoke of their removal as a disaster greater than cyclone Pam. Radio Vanuatu News reported the action in the first bulletin this morning.

Daily Post front page today deals with the arrest of the expatriate and a resident of Ngala village in the matter of the marijuana growing on the island. The New Zealand national allegedly asked RSE workers in New Zealand to bring marijuana growth material to Vanuatu to be used in the cultivation of the drug here.

Some 23 para-vets have been trained in animal health through the University of Hawaii. They will graduate at the end of the year. Their training is appropriate in view of the shortage of qualified vets and their remoteness from most of the farming communities. And then there is the government intention to increase significantly the numbers in herds of cattle between now and 2025. There are only two vets in Government service: one at Luganville and one in Port Vila. Senior Livestock personnel gave a media briefing yesterday. (Daily Post)


3 Comments on “Cabinet meets to discuss position on PACER Plus”

  1. Nasimal ( Nasingamelip) says:

    One sentence to sum up the Pacer Plus project. Re-Colonization by stealth by those who written the treaty which you will be locked onto. AHAYAH bless you all.


  2. Wim Roskam says:

    Is the movie Avatar now for real near Port Havannah? Or… are the Ni-Van the Navi?


  3. Nasimal ( Nasingamelip ) says:

    I think it would be a common sense Vanuatu to follow PNG line not to be part of Pacer Plus . If you don’t then you will see what has happened around Port Havanah people lost their homes because Big Corporations buying your land and you will become a Refugees in your own country . Remember Colonial times ? Please beware and I pray our AHAYAH bless and guide our leaders to see the real reasons behind Pacer Plus . Thank you .