New firefighting equipment for VMF to be supplied by Australian fire brigade

Vanuatu fire service

Two new fire trucks are arriving soon in the capital, supplied by the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) Fire Brigade. One is a firefighting vessel and the other a tanker. Having these two vehicles will reduce complaints over the VMF’s fire brigade operations with only a small Land Cruiser presently servicing over 40,000 people in the capital. It can only carry 500 litres of water. Brigade personnel are being trained in the use of the new equipment. (Daily Post)

Also of security importance is a Vt 10 million repair to the VMF Headquarters. Australian High Commissioner Bruer opened the new building on Wednesday. Hidden as it is above the Cook’s Barracks corner, the smart appearance of the impressive building is better seen in Daily Post‘s photo today than from outside on the road. High Commissioner Bruer said it was a complete refurbishment with structural improvement and new furniture, and the work was assisted by NZ Defence Force personnel and others from Correctional Services.

Who is liable for a damaged Ports and Marine G vehicle? Daily Post asks today. The truck has been attacked, Post suggests, by someone wielding an axe, and all glass was smashed in 2015. The vehicle is covered with tarpaulins to hide the damage, it is suggested. The paper has reports it was a member of the family of the Director who was responsible.

The New Zealand man reportedly arrested in connection with supply of marijuana seeds to a person or people on Epi claims he was not arrested. And further he did not make any statement to the police on Epi. Only the other suspect has been detained. (Daily Post)