200 squatters forcibly evicted from Tanoliu by police; homes, crops destroyed

A man evicted at Tanoliu points out demolished homes. Photo: Jean-Luc Thuha/Facebook

A man evicted at Tanoliu points out demolished homes. Photo: Jean-Luc Thuha/Facebook

The eviction of more than 200 people at Tanoliu was indeed court ordered and stems from Civil Court decision No 220 of 2012. Goodies Limited purchased the land, but the residents had settled there in 2010. Goodies also has tourism interests on Moso. Those expelled are the families of Frank Ismail of Tongoa, John Kapai of Mele, Family Tamara from Nguna, and Family Jean and Para from Nguna. Even permanent buildings were said to have been destroyed during the police action. Root crops, from which the families derived incomes, it seems, were dug up. The land is said to have been sold to the investor by certain people from Moso and Tassiriki. However, the area under question at Tanoliu was still in dispute, claimed Chief Wilson Bobpvi of the West Efate Area Council. Lands Minister Regenvanu told The Independent that he had tried to have the matter sorted out in an amicable way, some time ago, but there were “no positive results” to his intervention in this way. Both Daily Post and The Independent have given extensive reports of the eviction.

Deputy PM Joe Natuman reminded the over 300 attending the VP Congress at Hog Harbour of the original principles of the party. And he urged members to reunite at this congress and return to those original concepts. “We were like slaves in their own land,” he pointed out. “But we rose and fought and never stopped, until we gained our political freedom, which everyone living in this country today enjoys.” Rebuilding the party is what the present Congress is mainly about. (Daily Post)

The scientists of global food standard Codex Alimentarius (of the FAO and WHO) will be in Port Vila in a week for a conference which will consider the standards for food safety and listings of kava and noni. This has a great role to play in our exportation of the local beverage and the material for its preparation. Their conference will take place between 19 and 22 September, after which there will be a WHO/FAO meeting on 23 September. (Daily Post)

The Trade Ministry and Chamber of Commerce have been inviting the general public to give their views on consumer protection and competition where trade is concerned. The Asian Development Bank is assisting the exercise which will improve the effectiveness of the Government’s Priority Action Agendas. Those with points of view they would like to express should contact 33410.

NISCOL has terminated seven staff members in their restructuring exercise. The project continues. (Daily Post)

Next week is a nationwide clean-up. All media will be advising how this is to be achieved. Happy clean-up week.