Vanuatu cleans up on National Clean-Up Day

National Clean-up Day march in Port Vila earlier today. Photo: Jack Manuel/Facebook

National Clean-up Day march in Port Vila earlier today. Photo: Jack Manuel/Facebook

Penama Day, today, takes a back seat to National Clean-Up Day. And, in any case, our older citizens will recall Walter and Mary Lini taking to the streets with plastic collection bags of the day at least 30 years ago in order to show how much anyone could achieve by simply picking up the doti which was everywhere — even in centre ville — as this morning.

Anyway, schools have begun activities throughout the six provinces and PM Charlot Salwai and Minister for Climate Change Ham Lini led a march of hundreds of school pupils through town this morning. This followed a tree planting yesterday at Tagabe Pump Station, where we have been promised a botanical gardens where all our rare trees can be studied. Many trees at this location were destroyed by Cyclone Pam last year. Director of the Environment Jason Raubani pointed out how tree-plantings at Tagabe will protect our water supply in the capital by shifting the flow. Lands Minister Regenvanu and Australian High Commissioner Jeremy Bruer were present for the tree planting.

And returning to the Clean-Up Day launch today… waste management is the main theme for the day today and onwards. Changes to legislation may also be able to assist and this Korman householder and other Korman residents would like to see tougher controls on waste removal (including public transport) vehicles, as we cannot wait from clean-up day to clean-up day to have others doing the necessary. We presently have to gather the doti every day, especially if we live where camions like to gather speed. At such places the plastic bags and Twisties packets fly out in clouds.

Happy Clean-Up Day everyone!