Acting PM opens Codex Alimentarius regional meeting on food safety and quality

The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation's Codex Alimentarius regional meetings opened this week in  Port Vila. Photo: FAO

The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation’s Codex Alimentarius regional meetings about food safety and quality opened this week in Port Vila. Photo: FAO

Acting Prime Minister Joe Natuman paid a significant tribute to the work of the Codex Alimentarius Commission when he opened their regional meeting in Port Vila today. He pointed out the huge impact Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) are having in our region today and hoped that the Commission could do more to combat NCDs. Commission representatives spoke on the importance of standards in food production and agreed with the Acting PM that unsafe food can cause chronic disease. Vanuatu representatives expressed their pleasure on learning of the Commission’s wish to involve all producers, exporters and importers in the Codex rules through sustainable development goals. Furthermore, outside of the opening ceremony, the Vanuatu Daily Digest was pleased to learn of Vanuatu Government moves to enable primary producers to better respond to present government initiatives to improve standards of production. Full detail was heard on FM 96 evening news today. The VCMB also financially assisted the meeting.

Vanuatu’s stance on decolonisation for New Caledonia will not be compromised by the visa-free entrance to the territory by Ni-Vanuatu, argues Daily Post today. Government PRO Hilaire Bule said the Prime Minister made Vanuatu’s position very clear when the President of the territorial government visited Vanuatu. Vanuatu’s stance on the Kanaks’ struggle for independence will not change, he assured the media.

Daily Post today also advises of an Award of Excellence in Law Enforcement in the Asia Pacific region. This has been made to Sergeant Ann Marie Simeon who was nominated by the Vanuatu Police Force through the Australian Council of Women and Policing. She has had distinguished service for over 30 years with the VPF.