Vanuatu to play leading role in standardisation and commercialisation of kava worldwide

kava shell

Kava is already a major domestic and export commodity for Vanuatu – and standardising it will likely see trade benefits for Vanuatu’s commercial kava producers

The FAO’s Codex Alimentarius Commission conference in Port Vila late Tuesday authorised new work for the establishment and development of new standards for kava as a beverage when mixed with water.

Representatives from Canada and the United States along with Australia and New Zealand, and many island countries, were in agreement. Based on the extent of the work already achieved by Vanuatu, they agreed that Vanuatu be re-appointed for a second term as the co-ordinator for the region.

The move was clearly supported by representatives from Fiji, Tonga and Samoa, the other large kava producers. The countries involved have been brought together by PHAMA, too, the Pacific Horticultural and Agricultural Market Access Program, supported by Australia and New Zealand, which enabled many of the delegates to attend this week’s meeting. It was opened by the Acting PM Joe Natuman on Monday. PHAMA, where the kava Codex issues are concerned, took a group of agriculture professionals from Vanuatu to Fiji two weeks ago.

Final statements on the likely new role of Vanuatu are awaited.


One Comment on “Vanuatu to play leading role in standardisation and commercialisation of kava worldwide”

  1. Wim Roskam says:

    In Europe the Codex Alimentarius Commission had got a bad name because it seems to be an enemy of nature medicine, natural food, natural food supplements… and a friend of industrialized food, giving power to big companies… and taking power from small and nature friendly farmers, degrading high quality nourishing food to low quality food, etc. So when I read that the Codex is gaining control over Kava production/law/distribution in Vanuatu, I’m worried that certain restrictions will come into effect that may harm diversity, local production, nourishing/healing aspects of food, etc. So please be warned and stay alert. There may be a downside to this development that may only be clear when it’s too late.