National TV station Television Blong Vanuatu to switch off free analogue signal from October 15

Vanuatu's Television Blong Vanuatu will soon cease to be a free-to-air station

Vanuatu’s national broadcaster VBTC is officially advising viewers that the analog free-to-air signal of Television Blong Vanuatu will be switched off on October 15 for Port Vila and suburban areas. It follows a VBTC Board decision of the present Board on September 1. The notice is said to give time to viewers to acquire their new antennae and decoders to allow them to continue watching local TV. They are now to retune to the Vanuamadia digital TV service, the joint business venture between VBTC and Chinese media company Guilin CEKE Communication Equipment Co Ltd. Up to 50 channels are to be offered on this new pay-TV service operated from the VBTC premises. Viewers must subscribe to the Vanuamadia service to keep on watching TBV. The subscription fee is Vt 7,000 which includes a caution of Vt 5,000 and a monthly usage fee of VTt 2,000. Many town viewers will be grateful for the opportunity to have their children and out-of-work youth instantly denied their daily diet of appalling soap operas in every language – often dubbed, cartoons of violence and culturally irrelevant viewing hours.

Port Vila Municipality’s Town Clerk Ronald Sandy has been suspended since September following management issues and allegations of misuse of funds. The Director of Internal Affairs, Edward Kaltamat, said the department would be investigating the issues against Sandy. The Public Service Commission is aware of the suspension. An officer of Internal Affairs, Ben Tabi, has been promoted to the position of Acting Town Clerk. (Radio Vanuatu)

A five-year plan being called the Penama Productive Sector Plan is intended to return Penama to its former position as major supplier of produce. Kava, livestock, fish and root crops are the produce involved. Farmers of the province believe they can bring considerably more tonnage to the market than presently. There are specific work targets outlined. For example, a target of ten branches of kava are to be planted daily by all kava farmers until 2022. (Radio Vanuatu)

Thirteen police officers of the Northern Command were awarded promotions last week at Luganville. The Acting Commissioner Iavro Robson promoted three police women and ten police men of the northern provinces. He encouraged the rank and file to continue to demonstrate real service of a high standard to the community and show loyalty and respect. (Radio Vanuatu)