Work remains for regional kava standards


Despite the praise accorded the Vanuatu management of the Codex Alimentarius meeting this week in Port Vila, it seems there is still a lot of work to be done before the regional standard on kava (as a beverage made with water) is fully developed. This is as described by Codex meeting Coordinator Timothy Tumukon on FM96 Nightly News and detailed in Daily Post today. Developing a regional standard for kava – and for noni, too – is one thing. However, producing better quality noble kavas in Port Vila nakamals is another, although not strictly the problem of Codex. Vanuatu has its legislation and quality controls intact, to a certain extent, with the noble varieties. We’ve had them for over a decade. We have also started training enforcers to ensure the Act is followed, and that may well be somewhat harder. But we must persist, since kava is a product with which Vanuatu is more richly endowed than any other country. And so many people around the world want kava as we do now, especially in the nearly one hundred kava bars from Florida to Montana. (Daily Post)

A further community has received the benefits of the WASH Project inaugurated at the Erakor Bridge area yesterday. This brings to 15 the number of periurban settlements receiving the advantages of a better supply of drinking water, sanitation and hygiene methods. The WASH Project has support from the government, New Zealand Government and World Vision. (Daily Post)

Finance Minister Pikioune took the tax consultation to the people of Sanma this week. His eloquence at the basic opening of the tax issues was a lot clearer in Daily Post today than it was on Radio Vanuatu’s broadcast of it early morning today, presumably from the Conference Centre earlier in the week. Radio Vanuatu must acquire better recording equipment or electronic connections to the centre’s system.

TVL has donated a sponsorship of a Vt 1 million to Fest Napuan. This year the event is from 12 to 16 October.