Pacific Forum Island Countries’s Chief Trade Adviser declares his independence

Ghanaian lawyer Dr Edwini Kessie – Chief Trade Adviser for OCTA. Photo: OCTA

Ghanaian lawyer Dr Edwini Kessie – Chief Trade Adviser for OCTA. Photo: OCTA

The Chief Trade adviser for the Forum Island Countries, Dr Edwin Kessie, defends the integrity of his position and denies he or his office takes instructions from Australia or New Zealand, he says in last Friday’s Daily Post. His firm stand was made clear at the PACER Plus consultation at Warwick Le Lagon Hotel mid-last week. He makes it clear that he works for the World Trade Organisation. Furthermore, he said, neither big country has sought to influence the Chief Trade Adviser’s Office. As adviser to the island countries, and with close connections with them over a long time, if he negotiated a bad deal for the FICs, he “wouldn’t be able to sleep”.

Another item from the PACER Plus consultation in the same Daily Post issue has Director of the Dept of Trade Sumbe Antas promising that foreign investors coming here will be closely monitored. They will not be allowed to leave the country until all financial obligations have been fulfilled, especially to their staff and to banks. Antas was able to mention former investors in the tax haven who had failed in this regard.

A team of surgeons including a visiting Australian reconstructive surgeon, Dr Ian Holten, has been performing miracles in the operating theatre of Vila Central Hospital. Primarily cleft palate related operations, the reconstructive surgery was flat out earlier this month but with the assistance of local surgeons achieved a total of 20 reconstructions. (Daily Post)

The two new fire trucks sent by the Canberra Fire Brigade are here and were shown in Saturday’s Daily Post. A handing over ceremony is planned for tomorrow. Legal means are being found for the right-hand drive vehicles to perform their appointed task despite the Road Traffic Act specifying that they must be left-hand drive.


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  1. tessnc says:

    I’m not sure what the reference ‘in the tax haven’ adds here with reference to investors who have left the country without fulfilling financial obligations, including to staff members, suppliers and financial institutions. I can’t tell if you are implying that this type of behaviour is more prevalent among participants in the finance sector or whether it is referring to the fact that the environment as a whole is a ‘tax haven’.