Judicial review sought on Police Commissioner appointment


Daily Post today leads with Chief Inspector of Police Albert Nalpini filing an urgent application for a judicial review to stay the appointment of a new Commissioner of Police. The application seeks to prevent the current chairman, Willie Vira, being involved in any early choice of a new Police Commissioner. As happens with attempted senior police postings, the application for judicial review suggests the politics of the factions within the Force are at play. The public expects the present Government to ensure the appointment of a new Police Commissioner is well beyond the reach of police politics.

Tourism Minister Joe Natuman has suggested a brilliant idea for a domestic tourist market: boats to ferry tourists to other islands. The variety of Vanuatu is such that short tours can readily be arranged. Those were what was intended for the Lycianda which firstly offered a Maskelynes reef experience followed by Pentecost’s Nagol, Ambrym’s Rom dance, volcanoes at night and the rarely visited northern sides of Lelepa and Moso. Lycianda remains a wreck on south Iririki. (Daily Post)

Epi farmers are pleased with their first coffee harvest following initial plantings in 2012. The Mafilau Cofee Farmers Association harvested 51 kg of green beans and the achievement has been welcomed by the more established player, Tanna Coffee. (Daily Post)

The praise which was heaped upon the Sun Princess after its diversion in northern waters last weekend to save a family of five lost at sea is considered well merited by all. Search and rescue worked wonderfully with the New Caledonian aerial assistance, so often previously provided. And it must be remembered that fuel for the Sun Princess is very costly and it would have been a great inconvenience for the big ship’s tourists to have to spend a long period in darkness so the small boat could be spotted. The mariners on the local vessel were hoping to save the long journey following the coast to get from Port Olry to Cape Cumberland but the voyage is dangerous because of its length out of sight of land. So they lost their way. All the passengers on the lost boat were saved.