Art exhibition opening today: ‘Sik Plastik long Solwota’

Opening Thursday 6 October 17:00–21:00 at Fondation Suzanne Bastien Gallery, Pango, is ‘Sik Plastik Long Solwota’ an exhibition addressing the critical impacts of rubbish, particularly plastics, on ocean ecosystems. From October 6 until November 26. More info at the Fondation’s Facebook page.

From the 'Sik 'Sik Plastik long Solwota' exhibition: 'Slippery Fish' by Daniel Owens.

From the ‘Sik Plastik long Solwota’ exhibition: ‘Slippery Fish’ by Daniel Owens.

Poster for 'Sik Plastik long Solwota' exhibition by Julie Sauerwein