Rare hailstorm lashes Shepherds Islands; Chamber of Commerce to review Govt taxation proposals in detail

Hail stones damaged trees, crops and homes on Emae on Monday

Hail stones damaged trees, crops and homes on Emae and other islands on Monday

Yesterday’s hailstorm over Mataso, Makira and Emae made headlines today. Fest Napuan starting this evening only rated a front page single column, but then we have to acknowledge hail is hardly ever seen in our tropical paradise and snow, of course, just doesn’t ever get here. (Daily Post)

Radio Vanuatu News announced this morning the Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry VCCI has chosen a six-member team to review the revenue tax proposals presented to the public as drafts from the Government. The VCCI team is considering all the possibilities, analysing the detail and preparing an answer for Government. The next public consultation of the government Revenue Review Committee is to be next week, on Thursday 20 October at the National Convention Centre, starting at 9:30am. It seems that the VCCI is going out of its way to inform the public of the extent of the consultations so far. Santo consultations up to now have been listed and what appears to be a Revenue Review Committee release on the VCCI page says:

“In the upcoming weeks, the Vanuatu Revenue Committee will continue with its public consultations programmes to other important sectors including major villages on Efate Island, the Banks and Financial Institutions, Lawyers and Accountants, key government ministries and sectors under their respective jurisdictions.”

The Revenue Review Committee encourages everyone to visit their website should they wish to make a submission.

David Seule is the new Chairman of the Board of the Vanuatu Tourism Office. As well as being a municipal councillor, he has been President of the Island Bungalows association since 2008. The Ministry of Tourism is trying to re-establish confidence in the Vanuatu Tourism Office. (Daily Post)

Nearly 500 head of cattle are soon to arrive on Tanna as part of the Government restocking program. This should also give a welcome boost to the tourism plans for that island favoured by travellers which, in the past has frequently run out of beef.