Filariasis completely eliminated from Vanuatu; womens’ achievements celebrated on International Day for Rural Women

No longer in Vanuatu: Filariasis. Image: CDC/Alexander J. da Silva, PhD/Melanie Moser/CDC Public Health Image Library

No longer in Vanuatu: Filariasis. Image: Alexander J. da Silva, PhD/Melanie Moser/CDC Public Health Image Library

The news is just out today. Vanuatu has eliminated filariasis. The World Health Organisation (WHO) DG for the Western Pacific made the announcement in the Philippines with Health Minister Toara Daniel present at a reception honouring the achievement. Cambodia and the Cook Islands have also eliminated the disease, also known as elephantiasis, or in Bislama as big leg. A campaign to eradicate the disease has needed regular drug applications, a singular success in a small country with so many islands. (Daily Post)

The International Day for Rural Women was launched at Erakor village this week by the Minister of Justice Ronald Warsal. The Minister was anxious to extend grateful thanks to the big and generous international agencies which assist women in business in various ways, especially when strictly speaking it should be the Vanuatu Government looking after the women as vendors. (Radio Vanuatu)

The Australian Government has given over Vt 800 million to the Market for Change programme in the last six years. This is especially so that the market areas become a safe place for women in which to conduct business. The project has been extended during that time to include the vendors of the Northern Islands Market Association and the Morobe Market near Port Vila. (Radio Vanuatu News)

The Director of the Department of Women’s Affairs Dorosdei Kenneth told Radio Vanuatu News that the Department has played a key role in assisting women to advance in their business and maternal endeavours. Bringing women together in Port Vila has helped considerably in this regard she said. Women have made significant collective achievements through the Port Vila Municipality where matters like street lighting are concerned. (Radio Vanuatu)

Today’s Independent and last Thursday’s Daily Post both report the attempts of the jailed politicians to plead parliamentary privilege concerning their arrests and convictions for bribery last year. They have made it a complicated story of who said what, when and to whom, and the Independent reports the MPs continually “shifting the blame to their former lawyers”.

Daily Post Thursday made it clear that the Prime Ministerial visit to China is a party-to-party matter, an invitation such as those the Communist Party has previously extended to the Vanua’aku Party, Union of Moderate Parties and National United Party. The invitation to PM Charlot Salwai is to the leader of the Reunification Movement for Change. The PM is away until October 22.

And the October Business Review in this weekend’s Daily Post “takes the red pen to the government’s tax proposal” and finds that the Consultation Paper fails in many ways. It is seen as flawed and rushed and “downright dangerous to the national economy.” A great deal of serious thought and discussion has gone into the Daily Post‘s position which merits the serious attention of all readers.


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  1. Anna Naupa says:

    What a great news story about Vanuatu – Bigfala Congratulations to the hard-working Ministry of Health team for eradicating “big leg” throughout our islands!