Vt 21 million missing from EU-funded energy project on Ambae

European Union flag. Photo: Håkan Dahlström/Flickr Creative Commons

Daily Post‘s page 1 headline today: “Investigation Demanded… Ambae EU aid project scandal gets attention of Euro-MPs”. Vt 21 million of the funds for the the EU-ACP Copra Oil Energy Generation Project on Ambae have allegedly been embezzled or mis-spent. Daily Post reported on this in the first instance and it gained the attention of a Belgian Member of the European Parliament (MEP), Marc Tarabella, who demanded the European Commission investigate. Of course the Vanuatu government and public will also want an investigation and the Vanuatu Daily Digest will keep you informed.

The EU-funded aquaculture fish project at Tagabe aims to trial a sustainable, small-scale community model. The project also involves Mangaliliu, Eton and Onesua and will be of great assistance in times of climate change. These are the aims of the project as outlined to participants at a ceremony Monday in Port Vila. The cost of the project is over Vt 35 million, and European Union funding is the backbone of the project. (Daily Post)

Ohlen Hole residents, soon to be moving to a new location, have received 91 water tanks which will go with them to their new site. Cyclone Pam Recovery funding, World Vision, the NZ Foreign Affairs Ministry, UNICEF and the Department of Geology and Mines have made it possible for Ohlen Hole and 15 other communities in the urban and peri-urban areas to increase their water availability. (Daily Post)

Radio Vanuatu News this morning announced the Commissioner of Labour stating that applications to become licensee agents for the RSE or SWP employment schemes in neighbouring countries are open 1 to 31 December. Labour Commissioner Lionel Kaluat made the announcement because of the considerable interest shown by people wishing to start such an agency. However, it is an offence for persons to act as labour agents without a licence.

The Parliamentary Secretary for Education last week made an official visit to East Pentecost to see the difficulties encountered by certain schools to return their classrooms to a fit state for teaching following cyclone damage. The lack of good roads made it particularly difficult for certain schools to transport coral and beach sand for re-building, but the parliamentary representative, Silas Buli, was pleased to see the determination of teachers to get the jobs done. (Radio Vanuatu News)

A new taskforce has been set up to address land transport issues. There are many authorities and stakeholders involved. Representatives from Shefa and Torba Land Transport Associations did not attend; they have failed to register under the LTA Act. (Daily Post)