Port Vila’s mayor wants income and corporate taxes to pay for service delivery

Port Vila's Mayor, Ulrich Sumptoh. File photo/IISD

Port Vila’s Mayor, Ulrich Sumptoh. File photo/IISD

Port Vila Mayor Sumptoh supports a taxation reaching everyone to pay for the services people receive from government as they are expected to pay for their municipal services. He is quoted by all media. He is certain the capital’s townspeople will contribute more in income tax than any other group. All town residents would agree.

Government is now consulting the people on a National Competition Policy draft referring to consumer protection and maintaining competition in markets. DG of Tourism, Trade and Commerce Marokon Alilee explains his confidence in competition by referring to the price advantages now enjoyed by everyone with telecoms competition. A consultation paper can be accessed at http://tinyurl.com/zc471dg and he is seeking comment by Monday 31 October.

The Vanuatu Christian Council (VCC) last Friday organised a march through town to demonstrate Vanuatu being a Christian country.

Nawita Association members have provided intricate and interesting carvings to be used around town in connection with the beautification project, especially of the seafront area. The artists have received cash donations for their work.

Judge Chetwynd gives his account of this week’s kastom dressing issue in a (paid) full page statement in last weekend’s Daily Post, “Decision on Contempt”. It will be interesting to law students presently and in the future as it is worthy of note to everyone in Vanuatu today. Judge Chetwynd in a footnote mentions seeing defendants pulling t-shirts over their custom attire on departure from the court.