President Lonsdale pays tribute to stabilising role of nation’s chiefs

President Baldwin Lonsdale. Photo: supplied

File picture of President Baldwin Lonsdale. Photo: Supplied

President Baldwin Lonsdale paid a tribute to the chiefs of Vanuatu concerning the way in which chiefs live together with their people enabling peace and unity to prevail. This ensures stability of the nation, he said. The Head of State was visiting villages on Malekula, but unable to visit south-eastern and southern communities as he had wished, owing to bad weather. He was impressed that a number of chiefs from these places found a way to come to him on the tour. (Radio Vanuatu)

The Head of the Anglican Church Diocese of Vanuatu and Nouméa, Bishop James Ligo, has encouraged youth to find solutions to their own problems. He was opening the first youth convention of the Diocese, on Motalava, and certain that young people presently enjoy the advantages that enable them to lead. (Radio Vanuatu)

The PACER Plus consultation team says the people of Penama are “for” PACER Plus. The people were advised that the consultations are ongoing and the public remains invited to comment. (Daily Post)

All media are telling us that the mini-census is next Sunday night, 9 November. We are expected to be at our homes at that time.

Eratap has seen the opening of a new classroom block as part of Red Cross aid following Cyclone Pam. Buninga and Emae have both also been similarly endowed recently. (Daily Post)


2 Comments on “President Lonsdale pays tribute to stabilising role of nation’s chiefs”

  1. Darryl Fallow, Canberra. says:

    Nice comment Rowan and so true.


  2. Rowan Downing says:

    The strength of the chiefly system in Vanuatu is very important for the cohesion of the society. Other countries in the Pacific where the system has broken down do not have the same level of stability and care for their people. The chief can play a vital role in respect of the rule of law as well.