Cyclone season begins: 2–3 cyclones expected in Vanuatu this season, warns Meteo Dept

Cyclone Pam wind chart

File graphic of 2015’s Cyclone Pam. With 2-3 cyclones predicted for Vanuatu this season, the Vanuatu Meteorological and Geohazards Dept is urging everyone to start their cyclone preparations NOW.

Vanuatu can expect 2 to 3 tropical cyclones in the 2016/2017 cyclone season, according to Vanuatu’s Meteorology and Geohazard Department (VMGD), which is predicting a normal to elevated risk of cyclones passing through the Vanuatu archipelago between now and April 2017.

Under the present weak La Niña conditions, Vanuatu is more likely to experience a Category 3 cyclone, and less likely to experience a Category 4 or 5 cyclone, says VMGD.

However, they emphasise that all communities should stay alert and be well prepared for the possibility of a severe tropical cyclone, and now is the right time to begin preparations.

The current La Niña event is elevating sea surface temperatures in the western Pacific, and this is likely to be a factor in the formation of cyclones this season. During La Niña events, there is a increased possibility of tropical cyclone activity in the Coral Sea, and systems forming in this area normally move southeastwards towards Vanuatu.

People should be vigilant at all times, says VMGD. They ask people to respond to this information by beginning cyclone preparations nowclick here for VMGD’s cyclone preparation advice.

VMGD publishes its daily five-day Tropical Cyclone Outlook on the VMGD website, and on the VMGD Facebook page.