VNPF Commision of Inquiry gets extra time to examine Vt 4.45B failed investments

money down the toilet

[Story updated 4/11/2016 to correct the earlier version’s errors of fact. Vanuatu Daily Digest sincerely apologises to all readers for this regrettable error]

The Commission of Inquiry into VNPF is being extended by two months to uncover the details behind Vt 4.454 billion of failed investments made by the national provident fund. The Commission of Inquiry is investigating alleged mismanagement and illegal activities of former and present staff of VNPF. Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry Olivier Fernandez and Assesssors Anita Jowitt and Tony Naliupis are examining the failed investments, which represent 32% of the total funds invested by VNPF between 2007 and 2014. (Daily Post)

We can expect a Chinese cruise vessel next January. Deputy PM and Tourism Minister Joe Natuman made the announcement during his visit to China. He was being shown a Chinese island, Zhujiajian, at the time. The Vanuatu visitors were shown the tourist developments the Chinese have created on this island. The first Chinese cruise arrival here is likely to bring 2,000 people from Shanghai. (Daily Post/Radio Vanuatu)

A Vanuatu Agri-Tourism Food Festival is to be taking place at Tagabe Agriculture College from 9 to 11 November. Visitors will be able to sample freshly cooked organic beef and vegetables with fish recipes also available. It is expected to be a fitting way of introducing 2017 as ‘Agri-Tourism Year’.

Correction and apology. The Vanuatu Daily Digest made a serious error of fact yesterday in reporting the Constitutional Application concerning the jailed former MPs’ rights under the Constitution. We said the case was before Justice Chetwynd when in fact it was before Justice Geoghegan. The Vanuatu Daily Digest sincerely apologises to both judges. We believe our reporting to have been otherwise correct.