Vanuatu-caught tuna unloaded and processed for the first time in Port Vila

The first catch of Vanuatu-caught albacore tuna is unloaded in Port Vila last Friday before being taken to the Sino-Van factory for processing. Photo: Hon. Matai Seremaiah MP/Facebook

The first catch of Vanuatu-caught albacore tuna is unloaded in Port Vila last Friday before being taken to the Sino-Van factory for processing. Photos: Hon. Matai Seremaiah MP/Facebook

The trial frozen albacore tuna off-loading at the Main Wharf took place last Friday without mishap. All media have been reporting the event at which Prime Minister Salwai presided. Henceforth, with the assistance of US surveillance vessels, the Vanuatu Government is committed to the unloading of all Vanuatu-flagged fishing vessels’ fish catches from the Vanuatu Exclusive Economic Zone in Port Vila. Fisheries Minister Matai Seremaiah assisted the PM at the first unloading and many officials were on hand to witness the process. The unloaded fish were quickly removed to the Sino-Van fish packing plant at Blacksands. An American company, Bumblebee, is also discussing a fish canning operation for Vanuatu. Consuming more Vanuatu fish in Vanuatu is likely to reduce the incidence of NCDs as the Food Festival at Tagabe, 9 to 11 November, will make clear.

Daily Post reports the Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority (VIPA) Board has suspended the VIPA CEO, Dr Andrina Thomas, without giving any reason. VIPA Board Chairman Lionel Kaluat could only say that disciplinary procedures are still in process. Investment Promotion Manager of VIPA, Raymond Vuti, has assumed the role of Acting CEO.

A letter sent mainly to the Director of Provincial Affairs draws attention to allegations of misuse of Luganville Day funding and Luganville official vehicles. Drunkenness and misuse of official property are also alleged. The Town Clerk and Lord Mayor are being held responsible. (Daily Post)

However, in good news from Luganville, we learn that the new NISCOL directors, unlike their predecessors against whom there have been many and varied accusations, are appointments based on merit. Certainly the Northern Islands Stevedore will need reliable and trust-worthy appointments to pursue the country’s expectations for Santo to prosper because of its huge agricultural and tourism advantages. (Daily Post)

The MP and Secretary General to the Vanuatu National Workers’ Union, Ephraim Kalsakau, has expressed concern at the way the Vanuatu Council of Trade Unions is addressing the minister for Internal Affairs. Three thousand members of the public have signed a petition and presented it to Minister Maoh. The contents have not been revealed. Kalsakau said the current union plan is for the union membership to meet on 29 November and decide on the next moves of the membership of the Vanuatu unions. (Radio Vanuatu)

Adela Aru has taken up the post of General Manager of the Vanuatu Tourism Office. She has promised the new marketing programme will be ready to run for 2017. She will continue developing the current marketing ideas and she has aims of meeting all leaders in the tourism industry where she has already spent 12 years. (Radio Vanuatu)

The man who raped an expatriate woman on the west coast of Santo was sentenced to nine years imprisonment but with three years remission by entering a guilty plea which saved the victim having to appear in court. (Independent)

Chief Justice Lunabek has come out strongly in support of the contribution of women in public affairs today. Addressing a first ever “peace table” gathering the judge said governments must make improvements to the economy, create jobs for women and eliminate all discriminatory laws and practices. “To avoid exacerbating the existing imbalances decision-makers must not hesitate to undertake bold reforms to give women their proper place in all areas, especially the economy, by recognising that women are entitled to the same rights and treatment as men while promoting their participating in defining the main lines of social, economic and cultural policies for a better future in a world of peace.” (Independent)

Evergreen Vanuatu which runs the Mele Cascades is reporting financial difficulties. An acting GM has been appointed to review the company’s situation over three months. Evergreen at one point employed up to 140 people. (Daily Post)

The first Chinese cruise ship is now expected next month. Costa Atlantica is on a 46-day trip taking in Asian as well as Pacific islands. (First )