Vanuatu advocates for traditional climate knowledge at COP22 UN climate change meeting in Morocco

Logo of COP UN climate change meeting Marrakech, Morocco

Vanuatu has raised the issue of traditional knowledge, and has advocated greater access to funding for it, at the COP22 UN Climate Change meeting in Marrakech, Morocco. The Vanuatu Government’s Sam Mike Waiwai made a presentation on the topic at a two-day conference which focused on indigenous knowledge and climate change. UNESCO and the French National Centre for Scientific Research and other international bodies ran the event. The Minister for Climate Change Ham Lini joined the conference yesterday and will present a statement in a week’s time. As a story published here on Vanuatu Daily Digest last week noted, Vanuatu has made a significant contribution to global governance of climate change, introducing the concept of ‘loss and damage’ which is now central to global efforts to combat climate change.

Ni-Vanuatu workers at Cable Beach Club Resort in Australia have received high financial rewards for their endeavours in the hospitality industry. They were part of the fourth group of six workers going to Australia in the tourism work program. They received 6 month appointments and returned to Vanuatu at the end of last month. They each came back to Vanuatu with more than Vt 1.5 million in wages, after deductions for taxes. (Radio Vanuatu)

Government is acquiring four more sites on Malekula to enable the development of the Lakatoro local government headquarters and a new subdivision, and to establish a public property site for Rensarie School. (Daily Post)