Vanuatu offers seasonal workers to help fill agricultural labour gap in Tasmania

A Ni-Vanuatu seasonal worker at work packing apples in Australia's southern island state, Tasmania. Photo: DFAT

A Ni-Vanuatu seasonal worker at work packing apples in Australia’s southern island state, Tasmania. Photo: DFAT

Tasmania is interested in seasonal workers from Vanuatu and the southern Australian island state seems poised to take advantage of this. A delegation has called on Vanuatu’s High Commissioner in Australia, Kalfao Kaloris, to try to make this happen. However, the issue of a proposed lower ‘backpacker tax’ rate designed to encourage seasonal workers to come to Australia is yet to be resolved in Australia’s Parliament. (VBTC)

The former GM of the VNPF has had a claim for Vt 36 million refused by the Chief Justice in the Supreme Court after already receiving a payment of Vt 6 million on termination. She claimed her termination payment breached the terms of her contract. The Chief Justice did not agree and so her claim was dismissed. The Commission of Inquiry concerning VNPF investments is still underway. (Daily Post)

Vanuatu will lobby to receive USD 100 million annually from the Green Climate Fund to go to the private sector, civil society and government agencies working to implement transformative climate action. The request was made at COP22 at Marrakech. Vanuatu also wants to make sure that the full benefits reach small island states involved. (VBTC)

Following Minister of Lands Ralph Regenvanu’s attempt to have the Lakatoro station made public land, moves are now afoot to have the Saratamata land near Lolowai made available for the same purpose for Penama Province. Next provincial headquarters in line is Isangel on Tanna in 2017. (VBTC)