MSG members to meet on 20th December to discuss West Papua’s membership

Supporters of full membership of MSG for West Papua demonstrate in Port Vila last April. Photo: AWPA

Vanuatu supporters of West Papua full membership of MSG marching in Port Vila last April. Photo: AWPA

December 20 is now proposed as the date for the MSG Leaders Summit to discuss membership, especially West Papua’s. The meeting was postponed from the first week of October in Port Vila. The new DG Amena Yauvoli told Kizzy Kalsakau of Buzz FM Nightly News that the date awaits confirmation from MSG Leaders. The MSG Secretariat is simply awaiting a consensus on the date. (Daily Post)

The People’s Plan as outlined yesterday on this website has been under discussion today in the National Convention Centre. This National Development Plan is to cover the period from

now until 2030 and is succeeds the Comprehensive Reform Programme (CRP) of the 1990s and the Priorities and Action Agenda (PAA) which concluded last year. The People’s Plan represents a high degree of consultation with the rural electorate.
pdf-downloadDownload your copy of Vanuatu 2030: The People’s Plan here (PDF, 3.6Mb).

Driver discipline is a concern to the Port Vila Land Transport Association and PVLTA is looking at penalties such as suspension of vehicle and driver permits where offences are concerned. Singled out as the kind of matter which might be dealt with by permit suspension was the allegation of a driver harassing an expatriate woman passenger recently. (Daily Post)

Agriculture Minister Matai Seremaiah had the last word on last week’s hugely successful Agri-Tourism Festival, telling the daily newspaper yesterday that in the past we have concentrated too much on copra and cocoa, markets which Vanuatu does not control. However, he indicated, we import many items for consumption which can be grown here where Vanuatu controls the market. He underscored the value of the “market within Vanuatu.” (Daily Post, Tuesday)

Tuesday’s Daily Post also noted the safety of all RSE workers in New Zealand as the damage reports of the 7.4 earthquake near Christchurch were assessed. Families of RSE workers were told that all are safe and continuing to work where they are employed.