Port Vila Municipal Council advocates for town planning – but is this possible without a town planner?

One of Port Vila's many informal settlements – a symptom of lack of urban planning at all levels of government. Photo: IOM

One of Port Vila’s informal settlements – one of the symptoms of the lack of urban planning in Vanuatu. Photo: IOM

The Planning and Zoning Unit of the Port Vila Municipal Council has said there must be planning and control in all areas of Port Vila. There was a meeting earlier this week, which heard the Senior Planning Officer, Jerry Sampson, saying that in the last 40 years, building construction in the township has simply followed the wishes of the site owner. Sampson now has a zoning proposal which the Port Vila Municipal Council is trying to introduce. Radio Vanuatu reported Sampson speaking at the meeting about his proposal. We ask, is it about time for the Municipality of Port Vila to employ more professionally qualified town planners?

Members of the Vaturisu Council of Chiefs of Efate are meeting today and tomorrow at the Mele village faréa. The executive of the Vaturisu wants the committee to hear the update report of the Custom Governance Programme launched in July in the Port Vila area. The Chairman of the Vaturisu, Chief Henry Manlaewia, says the Vaturisu Council is one of the four such councils mandated by the Malvatumauri for this year’s Custom Governance work. Tanna, Ambae and Malo have similar chiefly councils. Identification of customary land boundaries of each community need to be established. Chiefly authorities of each community will be identified in relation to these boundaries. This meeting will have presentations from the Malvatumauri office, Custom Land Management office and the Vanuatu Cultural Centre. Chief Manlaewia has appealed to all Efate chiefs to attend the meeting.

The Vanuatu Daily Digest is pleased to have the Daily Post sharing our stand on the right to the information. The people need to be informed about legislation as soon as it is available to their MPs. This is underscored by an RTI Bill finally making its way to the House for debate next week. Daily Post‘s Dan McGarry writes eloquently on the topic. Here at the Vanuatu Daily Digest we’ve made the explanatory notes for Bills publicly available, and will continue to do so. The legislation before Parliament is surely the information which we all are entitled to.

Four provinces have elections in March next year: Shefa, Penama, Malampa and Tafea. (Radio Vanuatu)

Red Cross now has a new storage facility at its headquarters. This will help in the supervision of disaster relief materials as required. (Radio Vanuatu)