Govt says contracts of five Director-Generals won’t be renewed in public service shake up

Vanuatu flag. Photo copyright © 2016 Vanuatu Daily Digest. All rights reserved

“No More DGs?” Daily Post asks, upon learning that the Council of Ministers had decided not to renew the contracts of some five DGs. Lands Minister Regenvanu admitted at the summit of Leaders for the National Sustainable Development Plan that a Council of Ministers’ decision had been taken as regards the five, whose contracts expire next week. They will not have their contracts renewed. One of the DGs told Daily Post, his name withheld in confidence, said that government service delivery was generally believed to be “ineffective” and that this is the reason for failure to renew these latest DG contracts. “The on-again, off-again allocation for area councils has been a bone of contention between front- and back-benchers for some time,” Daily Post reports their informant advising. Short-lived governments, and well-educated, but climbing, civil servants have previously seen a variety of unfortunate appointments to all sorts of high Public Service positions, while at the same time a number of clever people have been sidelined as the appointment process has been politicised. A thorough review of senior government posts is promised. The Opposition has not expressed an opinion, as they await more information. (Daily Post)

A national medicines policy was launched this week. Health DG Taleo and Acting Health Minister Kalmet were in attendance. The inauguration of the policy was timed to coincide with Antibiotics Awareness Week, designed to promote correct use of antibiotic medicines. (Daily Post)

The harvesting of locally produced organic onions has reached further great heights with the Dynamic Supply Company just buying some 400kg of the vegetable from an Epi farmer who is extolling the superior qualities of his sharp tasting edible bulbs. Dynamic Supply purchases for hotels and resorts and is hoping to build a relationship between consumers and producers. (Daily Post)