Extraordinary session of Parliament adjourns to give MPs sufficient time to study bills for debate

Vanuatu Parliament House, Port Vila. Photo: PhillipC/Flickr

Parliament was adjourned 24 hours yesterday to give enough time to all MPs to study the Bills for debate as it was argued there had been insufficient time for this. It seems the extra time was insufficient for Opposition MPs – none turned up for the sitting this morning. No other explanation reached the House as 24 Government MPs waited for the 2nd extraordinary sitting to begin. Nor was any further explanation given in VBTC lunchtime news. Without a quorum, Parliament was obliged to further postpone the sitting, until 2 o’clock tomorrow afternoon. (Radio Vanuatu)

The new MP for Malo/Aore, Uri Warawara of the Graon mo Jastis Party, was sworn in yesterday.

Government believes the new works required at the Bauerfield International Airport for the bigger planes should be able to start soon. Minister of Public Works Jotham Napat told VBTC that winning bidder for the World Bank-provided tender would be made known next month. As well as new runways there is also the work required for the improved terminal facility. (Radio Vanuatu)

An agreement to have Vanuatu athletes train in China has been signed by the Prime Minister and Chinese Ambassador Liu Quan. The agreement enablers professional Chinese trainers to work with selected Vanuatu athletes from April to August next year. After this time, professional training will continue here until the South Pacific Mini Games in Port Vila near year end. (Daily Post)

The Vanuatu National Council of Women has taken what seems like an oversight on the part of the legal draftspeople to the Head of State to insist on an amendment. The life imprisonment for anyone involved in sexual intercourse with a child younger than 13 should be lifted to protect young persons up to the age of 16. That is the VNCW position. A delegation called at State House to make their point.

Mayor Ulrich Sumptoh who attended the UN COP22 climate change conference has promised Port Vila’s assistance to the campaign to strengthen the Paris Agreement. Port Vila will soon be a party to the Global Covenant for Climate and Energy. (Daily Post)

The Chamber of Commerce is supporting the government’s plans for a Revenue Review. The Chamber sees a need for a widespread growth in the economy in order to have growth in foreign and local investment.  And Government, they feel, needs to increase its revenue by about one-third, from 18% of GDP to 24%. A copy of the VCCI Revenue Review Consultation for the People’s Plan has been sent to VCCI members and will be sent to anyone asking for it.


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