Govt stares down no-confidence vote as six MPs withdraw their signatures from motion

Vanuatu Parliament

Parliament proceeded with business yesterday afternoon and this morning. A motion of no confidence in the government was before it, but 6 MPs who signed it have withdrawn their signatures. The opposition side yesterday claimed it had 31 MPs, before the 6 MPs had a change of heart. The motion will be tabled next Wednesday – if it lasts until then, that is.

There were said to be 39 MPs yesterday supporting the Government plan to deal with the referendum relating to constitutional change. There was one abstention. The Chairman of the Constitutional Review Committee, Minister Ralph Regenvanu, announced that owing to the provincial elections in a majority of the provinces taking place early next year, the referendum on Constitutional change would take place at the same time. This will minimise disruption for the people having to vote twice and enormously reduce the expense involved.

Prime Minister Charlot Salwai appointed Malekula MP Jerome Ludvaune (UMP) the new Minister of Health yesterday. The outgoing Minister of Health, Toara Daniel, has recently undergone an operation and been advised to reduce his work activities. PM Salwai also appointed Tomker Netvunei Naling of UMP as parliamentary secretary for agriculture, taking the place of Gratien Shedrack who becomes the new parliamentary secretary for health. The new leader of government business is GJP’s Gillion Williams.



One Comment on “Govt stares down no-confidence vote as six MPs withdraw their signatures from motion”

  1. Alan Holden says:

    These no confidence votes are just called by MPs who only have self interest at heart and not the interests of the people they are supposed to serve. They are a disgrace, all well and good if they had genuine reasons but it’s just gerrymandering in its most obscene form.