Will Vanuatu have its House divided, only a day after Unity Day?

Vanuatu Parliament split

The irony of Unity Day being celebrated just a day before Parliament votes on a motion to oust a PM who got elected with the votes of 45 MPs out of 52 just nine months ago is highlighted by Jane Joshua in this morning’s Daily Post. Radios will be on across the country at 2 this afternoon as Parliament sits. It is only a month since now ousted GJP MP William Tasso told Daily Post that all Government backbenchers will not vote for any Government Bill unless the Ministerial Budget Committee reconsiders the rejection of Vt 10 million payments for area council bills.

The plot gets thicker. Other issues? Yes, there were lorry-loads of complaints from the slim Opposition ranging from allegations of different party stands on income tax, intentions to reshuffle certain political parties, although there’s not much proof of PM involvement, such that a motion against him becomes important. But the Opposition Bloc which commands 14 MPs deposited the motion.

The Opposition deposited the motion during the extraordinary session of Parliament last week with 31 signatures. Government backbenchers, a minister and two parliamentary secretaries signed, suggesting the stakes were now sky-rocketing.

A day of downpours we love after the earth-baking endless dry season sun may this afternoon see downfalls of people who have reached the heights in the vote against their leader? We know nothing yet. But we will be listening.

The Vanua’aku Pati, the National Party, the majority of GJP MPs maintain their loyalty to Salwai, and Minister Jotham Napat.

Not long now.